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Our Service Team Can Boost Your Porsche Performance

A Porsche is the car of dreams. Whether you're lucky enough to own a Cayenne, 911, or an all-electric Taycan, you're driving a reliable, durable, and exciting vehicle. At Harper Porsche, we take pride in the care we offer our Porsche owners. The following represents a sampling of our comprehensive Porsche care menu.

Basic Maintenance Choices

Porsches look and run fantastic, but they share many things in common with other less famous cars. One of these shared elements is having parts that periodically wear down. Although these genuine Porsche parts may seem boring compared to many of the other services we offer, they are necessary for your vehicle's good health and your safety while driving. Such services include headlamp bulb replacement, tire rotation, and filter change.

In addition to improving your comfort, safety, and performance, these routine services give our team another chance to inspect your vehicle closely. During these visits, we look for early signs of long-term issues. When we identify a problem, we can work with you to correct it right away. This can save you time and money on more extensive repairs.

Longer-Term Care Options

While owners report their vehicles often run better on Knoxville streets after an oil change or other essential service, more extensive services are often needed to preserve performance over the long haul. These services can include:

  • Transmission Service
  • Coolant Flush
  • Brake Pad Replacement

The focus of many of these services is keeping your passengers safe and your car on the road as long as possible. Other longer-term services are focused on helping you have more fun in your Porsche. These include design upgrades such as sports tailpipes, door sill guards, and designer wheelsets. We also specialize in comfort installations, including rear-seat entertainment systems, footwell lights, and enhance Communication Management Systems.

Don't delay. When your Porsche is ready for some attention, schedule your service appointment with our experienced team. Why not check out our new Porsche selection while you're here and get some ideas for your wishlist. Harper Porsche is ready to take care of you in Knoxville, TN.